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N. Kyle Clark

Partner, CPA, Huth Thompson LLP

As a public accounting firm, Huth Thompson LLP believes that the integrity of our client data is of utmost importance to us. Edge IT, Ryan Edgell, and his team have been strategic partners in designing the appropriate network security protocols that we need to protect our clients and our firm. They have assisted us with implementing the latest firewalls, intrusion prevention and detection tools, and advised us on updating our cybersecurity policy. Throughout the years they have helped us design and maintain our servers and our network configuration needs. We feel that they are a key component in helping us meet our goals as CPA’s and trusted advisors.

Phillip Bane

Montgomery County Commissioner & CEO Bane-Welker Equipment

As a County Commissioner intent on keeping our county up to date with the latest in technology, I want to acknowledge Edge I.T. for the good work they have done for us. Ryan Edgell and his team have helped us in centralizing our I.T. efforts. They have helped us stay within budgetary constraints, allowing us to cooperate with an adjacent county for reciprocating our daily backups in case of a disaster in either county. They have helped us in many areas, including: continuous monitoring of spam, malware, ransomware; development of a process for logical PC and server replacement; and leading an effort to manage a redundant network for our fiber connectivity to all county departments.Because of the positive experiences I’ve had with Edge I.T. in my role as County Commissioner, we hired them to help us with our 13 store operation in Indiana and Ohio. Edge I.T. helps oversee our company’s I.T. department at Bane-Welker Equipment.

John M. Jokantas

Hancock County E911 Director

Hancock County 911 has used Edge I.T. for about one year now.  During that time they have maintained our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system servers.    Edge I.T. performs server updates and is there anytime we have a version change for our CAD.  Edge I.T. is also on call for us 24/7 for any issues with those servers.  Anytime that we have needed them, day or night, they have been there for us immediately.  We have had such a good experience with Edge that we recently extended our contract with them for another year.

Amy Williamson

Blue Marketing

Edge IT helped our marketing company out when we needed it most.  Our computers crashed in January of 2015 and we lost a good deal of original art files – everything from entire website art to logos to print and billboards.  Edge IT worked with a forensics specialist to recover all our files.  It turned out, we did not have a sufficient backup program installed.  Edge helped us not only recover our files, but with solutions for better file management, which allows our company to be much more efficient.  Now we look to them for advice on all things IT!  They are personable, professional and effective.  We highly recommend them.



Terre Haute